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  diablis (my personal audio project). Each album explores its own concept/world. I'm not tied to a type of sound - I work towards figuring things out through their relationships. I've made a bunch of stuff in the past but its all deleted lol - please enjoy what I've saved and what keeps happening <3


Album Artwork & Celu images : Nat Olmo
Production, mixing, and mastering : Adriana Valls
Mastering of songs with * : Christine Hoang
Released by: United Workers Party, USA

Almost Real Ringtones -  it's a study of short songs that can be used as personal ringtones, but ofc you can just listen and enjoy.

"Diablis debut Album - Almost Real Ringtones - is a wonderfully unidentifiable but thoughtfully curated compilation of "ringtones," tracks that you would expect to find buried in the settings of an alien's lost cell phone. Each of the thirteen short songs offer a look into the sounds of another world. The songs vary stylistically from hyper-electronic singing, to wobbly alien transmissions. Furturistic-industrial rhythms give way to nostalgia dipped tones that feel familiar yet are difficult to place. Diablis has stirred up a strange and endearing project that is honestly quite fun to listen to" - J.Dann

Ritual Audio relased a track sampling one of the songs on this Album. Listen to his music here ---> Ritual Audio


Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Writing/Poem: Adriana Valls

Album Art: 

r00m_(s) ---- For this Album, I recorded the room sounds of 3 rooms that I lived in over the course of a year, while I was "by myself" (there are dogs in some of the recordings lol). I manipulated and cut 15 recordings, and layered them into 6 pieces. I created new subtle environments using the sounds that happen around me when its quiet; with intentions to work a material that's is usually EQ'd out of recordings, something always present and unwanted (usually). They are field recordings of my rooms. The sounds that happen when i am dissociating, self isolating, in a depressive state etc.
At first my connections to this album had to do with that^^^. but the more i thought abt it.  i started making more real connections with it. Despite having to fight myself everyday, to get myself to be, I also dream a lot. I dream of realities that are beautiful and seem unattainable. Dreams and ideas that are more powerful than the backdrop I am in. And its not just me, I know other people are dreaming too. This Album also comes with a short writing I made while thinking abt all of this.

I was the Composer and Sound Designer for "Ooooglep" a mysterious eyeball racing game by Toby Yosher and Jason Dann.


This album has all the music in the game and includes concept art made by Jason Dann.
you can play the game here -->

Music Production/Composition/Mixing/Mastering: Adriana Valls
Album/Game art:
Jason Dann
Game concept and development: Yosher and Jason

This piece stems from an idea I had to make "water bottle music",

when a random man gave me a bottle of water at a 7-11 because he didn't need it.

I felt very fortunate to have received this gift and played with it as some sort of commemoration/appreciation. I say "water bottle music" but my intention is not to suggest that this is a piece of music. Undoubtedly, performances, visuals, and physical embodiment of music (dancing and other), exemplify its understanding and enjoyment. All the senses work together to create a narrative or experience. I am tying that over to works like this by adding other elements for context to otherwise very arbitrary sounds.


In CGI water specifically, I recorded audio and video of several performance takes. In the still image you can see all of the components I used - two bottles of water, a large ceramic cup, snare, chain, a hydrophone that I made, going through a line 6 amp, and being recorded through an off brand SM57 microphone. All of the recording takes were used as raw material from which I cut and rearranged certain pieces, and discarded the rest. Both the audio and the video were processed this way - I consider them each separate compositional lines that are meant to juxtapose each other.

My cat Feo  makes a cameo. He died March 2020 <3 rest in peace 


Recorded, Mixed, Composed, Edited By: Adriana Valls

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