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Games that I've worked on ===>

Click and make mushrooms walk to different towns! Spawn chickens! Enjoy the musical ambience.

This game was made for the NM Game Jam 2021. We also tried out using Gadot for this Jam.

Immersive Story, Click through and find the sun!

Arcade Style game where you are constantly attacked by spiders. Blow them up before they catch you!

Racing game with 7 unique levels. Beat your own time with the Nadida Space ship.

From 2013-2017 I was in a Sound Collage/Noise band,known as - Cut Shutters. We went on tour throughout the U.S. , released 3 Albums, and been a part of many performances and collaborations. The most recent release being Primas with Monte Espina ((below))

Padeo Trio was a short free improv project with Daniel Ryan and Jake Thiede! This may be the only recording.. that I know of. There may have been others that I don't know of.

Multi-Screen/Multi-Input is a Feedback collaboration  Performance with N. Olmo. Consisting of a Laptop speaker, Microphone, Objects, a phone and TVs - The laptop and TVs consistently communicate to create their own content with human interference to feed them. 

The project is an exploration of a very funny event in which I was in the living room with someone else on the same video chat call in like 2018? in this situation it was a mix of phone and laptop feedback that kept going and going which was honestly really hilarious. I thought it exciting to recreate those feedback communications in a performance setting. Due to recording complications this video is only exerpts of the performance. I wouldn't mind doing this again someday.

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