Multi-Screen/Multi-Input is a Feedback collaboration  Performance with N. Olmo. Consisting of a Laptop speaker, Microphone, Objects, a phone and TVs - The laptop and TVs consistently communicate to create their own content with human interference to feed them. 

The project is an exploration of a very funny event in which I was in the living room with someone else on the same video chat call in like 2018? in this situation it was a mix of phone and laptop feedback that kept going and going which was honestly really hilarious. I thought it exciting to recreate those feedback communications in a performance setting. Due to recording complications this video is only exerpts of the performance. I wouldn't mind doing this again someday.

From 2013-2017 I was in a Sound Collage/Noise band,known as - Cut Shutters. We went on tour throughout the U.S. , released 3 Albums, and been a part of many performances and collaborations. The most recent release being Primas with Monte Espina ((below))

Padeo Trio was a short free improv project with Daniel Ryan and Jake Thiede! This may be the only recording.. that I know of. There may have been others that I don't know of.